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On a budget?

We understand that working with a budget is necessary.


Our prices for your materials and deliveries are affordable.


No matter what size load of material you need or what it is going to be used for we can give you an estimate on the cost. We can help in the decision process of what material would be best to use.

Get an estimate on materials and delivery

-   Save money and time

-   Average  turnaround time is 3-5 days

-   Dump Jobs

-   An attempt to tailgate with a truck is no additional charge however it is not guaranteed perfection.

Delivery services offered

We strive to

deliver your materials

effectively and efficiently.

At South West Butler Quarry, LLC we supply crushed limestone rock, dirt, and sand to the surrounding area. When you are looking to save time and need materials delivered quickly and efficiently you can call on our professional drivers to get your products to you.


A typical load is 14-17 tons.

Call on us for all your delivery needs


Get great products of limestone, dirt, sand, and gravel from  South West Butler Quarry, LLC. We deliver quality materials.

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Deliveries are provided by Bannon Trucking.


Credit cards accepted on deliveries only.



-dime & quarter


-ink pen clicker & tip