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Limestone is the rock you want! You can start with a base rock. After base is packed and dampened you can top coat with a rock of your choice. Call South West Butler Quarry, LLC for all your limestone and delivery needs.

-  Crushed limestone rock, ag lime and screenings

-  Rip Rap

-  Delivery available



Do you want a beautiful inexpensive driveway?

Limestone is quarried in large quantities, a primary source, for road and driveway material. To enhance your landscape with a more affordable option than asphalt or concrete, crushed limestone is the way to go.

Types of rock we offer and services

icon1 Crushed limestone with a can on it

Providing your limestone needs with fast and friendly service.

We provide only top quality materials to our customers.







Limestone products are quarried at South West Butler Quarry, LLC.


Ag Lime: (Used in fields to help crops grow)

Screenings: (Often used in horse stalls or for building pads)

Base Rocks: 1 ½”Base, 1 ¼”Base (Has all the powder left in it to help pack, similar to the state

rock AB3).

1 ½”KGE, 1 ¼”KGE (Has 10 to 20% of the powder left in it to help hold it together)

Driveway Sizes: ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” (Not washed, most powder we can get out is pulled out by dry screening)

Other: 2 ½”, 1x3grey, 1x4cream

Rip Rap: 3x6grey, 4x7cream, 6x12, 12x24, Shot Rock, Boulders


Note: Grey is located underneath 20-30’ of Cream rock and is not always available.


Sizes of Rock we offer:

It is always a good idea to call before coming out to see if the size and color your wanting is available.


-dime & quarter

1 x 3

-top of pop can

1" 1 ½” Base 1 ½” KGE 1 ¼” Base 1 ¼” 1 ¼”KGE 1 x 4 2 ½” 3 x 6 6 x 12 Screenings


-ink pen clicker & tip

1 ¼” Base

-dime & quarter

1 ½” Base

-quarter, dime & ink pen clicker

1 ¼”KGE

-dime & quarter

1 ½” KGE

-dime & quarter


-dime & quarter

1 ¼”

-dime & quarter

2 ½”

-top of pop can

1 x 4

-top of pop can

3 x 6

-8 x 10 piece of blue paper

-top of pop can

6 x 12

-8 x 10 piece of blue paper

3_4 AG-Lime

Ag Lime

-ink pen tip

Reference items in pictures:

-ink pen clicker and tip

- quarter

- dime

- top of pop can

- 8 x 10 sheet of blue paper

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(Does not include the delivery)

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