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We can deliver your dirt, sand and gravel soon.  Looking for an estimate and not sure how much sand and gravel is needed on your project you can call on us.  We will need the length and width of your project as well as the depth of your product.

• Good Dirt (No sand added, NOT shredded)

• Fill Sand (Under pools, Kids to play in, Concrete)

• Road Sand (Bigger, On driveways, Kids to play in)

• Well Gravel (Landscaping)

• P Gravel (Landscaping, Driveways)

• Delivery Available

When you need dirt, sand and gravel for a project you can count on us with affordable prices and deliveries.

You can call us for

any of your dirt, sand and

gravel questions. Need an

estimate on materials?

Let us help.

Get your delivery in a timely manner

One of the most accessible natural resources is sand and gravel. Sand and gravel is one of the most used construction materials used today. Sand and gravel is also used in the production of construction materials such as concrete blocks, bricks and even roofing shingles. For enhanced traction during the winter when there are icy roads you should consider sand and gravel.

Sand/Gravel/Dirt services offered

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Sand/gravel/dirt are not made at South West Butler Quarry.

Well Gravel

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Fill Sand

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P Gravel

-dime & quarter

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