Telling what type of rock you have off a photo can be a true guessing game without a reference. Here we have provided a dime, quarter, and a tape measure to help you figure out what type of rock you have or want.



0.75in (3/4in) Clean

1in Clean

1.25in (1 1/4in) Clean

1.25in (1 1/4in) KGE

1.5in (1 1/2in) KGE

1.25in (1 1/4in) Base

1.5in (1 1/2in) Base

1in x 3in

1in x 4in

6in x 12in

12in x 24in

Kanorado 2in x 4in

Large Egg Rock

Small Egg Rock

Pea Gravel

River Rock

Road Sand

Fill Sand

Shredded Dirt

Fill Dirt